The Online Financial Happine$$ Academy


The goal is simple. Bring a low cost financial education to anyone who wants it anywhere in the world. Review the site

and registration at Money Management 101 and Investing 101 are waiting for those who are

ready to learn. These classes will help those who are new to this information and those who want to touch upon what

they have learned previously. Retirement 101 will be up and running soon. For a limited time, we are offering the classes

at a reduced rate of $69 per class rather than the normal cost of $99. Opportunity is knocking!


These classes make a great gift for those friends and family who are ready to start learning about these issues around

money, investing and that big thing called life. If you have questions or issues getting signed up, please don’t hesitate

to email us at The future starts NOW as you change the way you think, speak,

and act with YOUR money. Share this online classroom with others. Tell your family. Tell your friends. Tell anyone who

is ready to take control of their money AND their life. Financial Freedom to follow!


The 10-class module, Money Management 101, is designed to provide information that relates to money matters that

occur in everyday life. Topics include judgment day, tracking your expenses, tracking your wealth, setting goals and

creating a financial plan, dealing with debt, building and developing a high credit score, all types of insurance, the

effects of advertising, buying a car, buying a home, investing, taxes, and plenty more. Read Now What? and Financial

Happine$$ to help with the course. 


The 10-class module, Investing 101, is designed to provide information that relates to the world of investing. Topics

include asset allocation, modern portfolio theory, recency bias, reversion to the mean, the efficient market hypothesis,

emotions and investing, stocks vs. bonds vs. cash vs real estate, managed mutual funds vs. index mutual funds, how

the industry works, the fee-based financial advisor vs. the fee only financial advisor and so much more. Read What

Color is the Sky as a reference to the class. 


The 8-class module, Retirement 101, has been created to help the individual learn how to retire financially well . Topics

include how to identify the four big questions that need definitive answers helping you know whether you are ready or

not ready for retirement, pension strategies, the 4% rule and how to apply it wisely, smart Social Security and Medicare

strategies, tax strategies, withdrawal strategies as it relates to fixed income and portfolios, what to do with the home,

and finally, how to psychologically prepare for this very big step. Read Graduation as a reference to the class.