Recommended Investments at Vanguard

Stock Funds

Investor SharesAdmiral Shares
Total Stock Market Index Fund .16% .05%
500 Index.16%.05%
Total International Stock Index Fund.19%.11%
REIT Index Fund.26%.12%
Small-Cap Value Index Fund.24% .08%
Value Index Fund (large companies).24%.08%
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund.32%.14%

Bond Funds

Investor SharesAdmiral Shares
Total Bond Market Index Fund.16%.06%
Short-Term Bond Index Fund.16%.09%
Intermediate-Term Bond Index Fund.16%.09%
Intermediate-Term Tax Exempt Fund.20%.12%
Inflation-Protected Securities Fund.20%.10%
Total International Bond Index Fund.15%.12%

Target Date Funds

Investor SharesAdmiral Shares
Target Retirement Income .14%N/A
Target Retirement 2010 .14%N/A
Target Retirement 2015 14%N/A
Target Retirement 2020 .14%N/A
Target Retirement 2025.15%N/A
Target Retirement 2030.15%N/A
Target Retirement 2035.15%N/A
Target Retirement 2040.16%N/A
Target Retirement 2045.16%N/A
Target Retirement 2050.16%N/A
Target Retirement 2055.16%N/A
Target Retirement 2060.16%N/A
Balanced Fund.22%.08%

Minimum investment for Target Date Funds is $1,000

Minimum investment for Investor Shares is $3,000

Minimum investment for Admiral Shares is $10,000 for index funds and $50,000 for managed funds.

The expense ratio on each fund is current as of March 24, 2017