Financial Literacy Classes


A financial education is waiting for those who want it. The path is clear when you are ready. NOW is the time!



2017 Kickoff Event

September 11th

6 P.M.

Main Ballroom in Maucker Union

$1,000 and an iPad will be given away!

Financial freedom to follow!

This club was created to provide a classroom where you can learn about money without anyone selling you a product or service. Each class (we meet one time each week) is open to anyone and everyone who is ready to learn. Every class is FREE and the information you will learn can change the course of your life. Believe it!



Here are the upcoming classes.



The World of Money class that delves into all things money (credit, debt, buying homes and cars, insurance, etc.) will be held in the University Room downstairs in Maucker Union on Monday nights. There will be a drawing for an iPad at the end of each semester in this class. Every class you attend, you can place your name in the hat for the drawing.


The Thursday night class, Investing 101, (an in-depth look into the world of investing from A to Z), will be held in the ScholarSpace Room in the UNI Library in the Spring of 2018.


The Retirement Seminar (how to retire successfully financially and psychologically) and Social Security class (knowing your many options helps you make the right choices) are held in the ScholarSpace Room as well, in the UNI Library.


It is recommended you park on the North side of campus along 23rd Street where parking is free. Parking on Campus is not free in most cases and you may risk a ticket if you try your luck without a parking permit.


The list of upcoming classes, dates and times are as follows:


  • Investing 101 / Thursday Nights / 6:00 – 7:30 / Starts on February 1st, 2018 / ScholarSpace Room

  • World of Money / Monday Nights / 6:00 -7:30 / Starts on February 5th, 2018 / University Room 

  • Retirement Seminar / Thursday Nights / 6:00 – 7:30 / Starts on April 19th, 2018 / ScholarSpace Room

  • Social Security 101 / Thursday Nights / 5:30 – 7:00 / Starts on May 17th, 2018 / ScholarSpace Room


World of Money: This 11 week class provides a diverse education on many topics relating to money to include developing a financial plan, tracking your spending, completing a net worth statement, understanding credit, dealing with debt, understanding insurance, identifying the many types of taxes and learning how to reduce them in your life, the car buying process, the home buying process, and how all of these things and more fit into a happy and meaningful life. Read Financial Happine$$ as a precursor to this class. Awake to the possibilities!


Investing 101: This 9 week class digs deep into the world of investing and the participants who are involved. Learn how to be the wise and efficient investor as you create wealth gradually over time. We will show you how to increase your passive income and retire early if that is one of your future goals. No registration needed and no cost! Read What Color is the Sky, to better prepare yourself for this class.


Social Security 101: This 3 week class on Social Security and Medicare provides you an education on the many benefits provided by the program and how you can access them wisely one at a time as they apply to your life. This class is geared toward that person in their 50’s and 60’s who is quickly reaching the years when decisions must be made regarding their benefits. Read Graduation! to get a head start on the class. Saying that, anyone can attend to better understand the program and their future benefits.


Investing in the UNI 403(b) Plan: This 2 week class on the University of Northern Iowa 403(b) program guides UNI employees (and others) down the right path toward making wise choices for their future needs. The UNI plan will be explained in detail. Anyone with a retirement plan can benefit from this class as you better understand how defined contribution plans work. Recommendations will follow based on an understanding of modern portfolio theory, negative correlated asset classes, costs, and the efficient market hypothesis. Read What Color is the Sky, to better prepare yourself for this class.


Retirement Seminar: This 4 week class provides insight into the retirement process. Basically, it teaches the individual “how to retire” financially when that time approaches (or help the individual who is currently in retirement as struggling either financially or psychologically). Information discussed includes investments and how to reduce the costs, Social Security, Medicare, the 4% rule, withdrawal methods, insurance, and much, much more. The psychological part of retiring is also covered as you figure out who you are going to “be” in that next stage of your life. Read Graduation! in preparation of the class. Embrace the possibilities!




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