Money is nothing more than a tool. You can use that tool to fix things or break things. It is up to the person and how they handle that tool and that person is YOU. This key point highlights the value of a financial education. It comes down to developing a positive relationship with money as you take the initiative rather than waiting on things to happen. Create your future!


You control money instead of money controlling you. It's not how much money you make, it's how much you end up keeping from what you make that will determine your future financial success. Anyone is capable of becoming their own financial expert when they are ready and willing to start down that path of becoming more than they are a the present time. Believe in that and believe in YOU.


Investing is simple but not easy because, while staying the course is easy when everything is going well, when bear markets inevitably arrive, the best-laid plans can end up in the trash heap of emotions. - Larry Swedroe 


What does vesting mean? Why is it so important that you know this as it pertains to your company retirement plan?


This week's recommended book is The Happiness Solution, by Alan Gettis. This wonderful book helps the reader understand what it really takes to find that elusive thing called happiness. Advertising makes it sound so very simple and yet, many people find it difficult and unattainable. Mr. Gettis, a clinical psychologist, helps the reader understand the topic better as he recites short stories throughout the book that help better understand the truth when it comes to this very important topic. To understand happiness is to understand thyself.


This key point resonates throughout this relatively short, but insightful manual. Mr. Gettis has spent decades on this issue, coaching and counseling individuals, and is worth listening to on the matter. He taps into external fixes and the internal struggles that can end up looking like a war within yourself. The true value of this book is identifying whether or not you are on the right path and if not, its time to turn back and find the right path. The answer stays the same, YOU are the answer!

Are you Financially literate?