So, what can financial knowledge do to improve your life? A great deal is the short answer as you transform your thoughts and knowledge into behaviors and habits. A financial education not only has the ability to improve your finances, but it also helps with many other parts of your life. How? A financially educated person tends to stress less (knowledge does that for a person), save more (they see how it will benefit them long-term), and invest wisely (keeping most of the returns instead of letting the "helpers" take a big slice) because they have a more clear vision of the world and their place in it.


It is incredibly important to understand the importance of what a financial education can do for you. It can make for a better life for you and your loved ones in ways that are not easily explained. It can provide you peace of mind and that is something that has no price tag. A financial education followed by action will set you FREE and that my friend, is priceless. Believe in that and believe in YOU. Start today with the book, Financial Happine$$ (available in audio, ebook, or paperback). Worlds will appear where there once was darkness. Awake to the possibilities!


You don’t need 99.9% of what Wall Street is selling. It’s expensive, unsuitable, or stupid. Most investments are designed to profit the brokers, banks, and insurance companies, not you. They should carry a warning label, “Beware! This financial product may be injurious to your wealth!” - Jane Bryant Quinn


When investing, you should NEVER pay a load. What is this thing called a load, how many types are there and how can you avoid them?


This week's recommended book is Grit, by Angela Duckworth. This book provides plenty of evidence demonstrating the importance of grit when it comes to success. As a society, we have a tendency to think we are born with certain talents and we have limits to just how far those talents can take us. Many people think IQ is set and not improved upon. The evidence says otherwise and their are plenty of examples in the book and in real life. Acquire Grit (the book and the mindset) and you might just see your world change in some pretty wonderful (and possibly painful) ways!

Are you Financially literate?