External rewards will not and have not brought the kind of meaning and happiness that the average person seeks. External rewards? A trophy, a powerful position, a new car, fame, the newest bit of technology, and yes, even money, are not and never have been the solutions to reaching a high level of personal fulfillment. Those external rewards are fools gold for those who chase them. Spending a life seeking pleasure at every turn will ultimately lead to an empty existence. There is a solution to finding happiness and it can be achieved by those who are ready and willing to seek it out. Look within for the answers to life's deep questions.


The answer to a fulfilling and happy life will be found intrinsically based on who you become. Here I am talking about an internal reward based on what you do to make the world a better place. This leads to giving. Helping others and providing service to your fellow man, woman, child and four-legged friend can change your life and the lives of others. What can you do and how can you help? This will shine the light that will glow brightly within you, pushing aside those external rewards that quickly lose meaning. This state of being can be achieved by anyone who is prepared to seek the truth hidden in the noise we call life. Make that YOU.


The overwhelming number of mutual-fund investors clearly suffer at the hands of the mutual-fund industry. Some of the causes—outrageous fees, excessive trading, and bloated assets-stand as obvious culprits in producing performance deficits. Other factors—unethical kickbacks and indefensible distribution practices—remain generally hidden from view. An examination of the sources of mutual-fund industry’s performance deficit serves to buttress the argument in favor of passive management. - David Swensen


Investing in the high flying stock or mutual fund is a very bad idea. Why? Alternative?


This week I would like to highlight John Bogle and his wonderful book, The Little Book of Common Sense Investing. This little book is an ideal manual for the beginning investor. John Bogle is a true expert in the field of investing (he is the founder of the Vanguard Group) and he has a wonderful way of communicating difficult issues in simple ways that you can understand and then act on. Mr. Bogle does this through the use of stories, quotes, and a whole lot of facts. The book is an easy read (you will have it done in a week or less) and worth every penny you pay for it. Buy it. Read it. Act on it. Financial freedom to follow!

Are you Financially literate?